A Guide To Commissioning Illustrators

This is worth a look through if the design work is more so commercial focused. As the main professional body of illustrators in Ireland, and with the assistance of the Association of Illustrators, the Illustrators Guild of Ireland has drawn up guidelines for commissioning illustrations and artwork. Of course, how an illustrator works and chooses to deal with their client varies for each, but this PDF offers a good insight and can work as a helpful guide to some who might be working with one for the first time.


Terms of Service

By commissioning me for non-commercial work, you agree to the following:

You must be 18 years old or older to commission work from me.

My work is for personal or private use only, meaning I do not allow my art to be used for unauthorized commercial purposes or profit unless commercial usage is specifically accorded at the time the order is made.

As the artist I still maintain all and absolute rights to my works; this includes publishing the work on my socials, adding it as a part of my portfolio, including the work in artbooks and editorial projects, selling prints of my artworks (previously commissioned or not), unless otherwise accorded with the client.

Neither commissioner nor anyone else is allowed to edit, trace, copy the work. You are not allowed to claim my art as your own, even in the case of a paid commission.

Credits to me (Katelyn McKenna ©kateillus; the artist) or a link going back to one of my socials must be explicitly given anytime the art is showcased.


Process & Payment Details

Commissions are not first come, first serve.

I reserve the right to decline your order if I don't feel comfortable or I'm not able to work on it.

Full payment will be sent before work has begun. 50% of pay at the beginning and the latter after final approval of illustration can be organised if preferred. Paypal / Revolut / BAC transfer only.

Turnaround time for commission's completion will vary depending on the artwork's type, going from 2 ~ 4 weeks to 1 ~ 2 months. Deadlines and rush orders can be arranged with an additional fee.​

Upon receipt of the total fee, I will begin the sketch stage. You may either choose to progress onto the next stage or request modifications and adjustments to the existing feature. After approval I will progress to the lineart stage. Progress updates will be provided at two intervals, completion of the lineart open for further adjustments made by the client followed by the next being completion of the colouring also open for further critique. The client may request small changes at these points however a major change may require renegotiation of the timeframe and fee. When work on the final artwork is complete, a high resolution version will be emailed to the client. Upon receipt of the final piece the client is authorized to make use of the artwork for any non-commercial display purposes. Ownership of the copyright as well as the right to use the artwork for promotional purposes remains with the artist. If at any point the client chooses to cancel the contract and forfeit the work done so far, refunds can be organised (ie. see below for further info on percentages). If at any point the client has failed to respond to sketches or status updates provided for a period of longer than one month this contract may be rendered void and further work will require renegotiation.

Refunds will be available in different percentages depending on the commission's status:

  Total refund will be only given if I haven't started working on your commission.

  70% of the total price will be refunded at sketching phase;

  40% of the total price will be refunded at lining phase;

  No refunds will be given in colouring or if commission is finished.